1. How much time need to make a Nativity?

The time for the realization of a miniature Nativity varies depending on the size of the object. In most cases, the smaller the size, most time is spent for the construction, but is not a fixed rule, for some works, depends from the inspiration of the moment.

2. What materials are made of the shepherds?

In alabastrine, entirely made and hand-painted by artists. For the characters in the "trades" was also provided an iron structure inside for greater customization of the shepherd.

3. What is the material used to build the houses of Nativities?

Cork, with the roof of cardboard, all painted by hand.

4. How the works belonging to the section "Neapolitan Art" are created ?

Most of the components are made entirely by hand, with no artificial mold, we used many different materials (wood, alabaster, cork and other recycled materials), hand-painted and assembled according to the imagination of artist.

5. Is it possible to buy a work?

Yes, the works are for sale in this regard is good to clarify a few points: all the works that you see in these pages are drawn by hand and is unique, then it is impossible to create a work identical to the other (a shell may be similar to another but never equal) said that, in the event you want to buy a work and it is not available, the artist will recreate one with similar characteristics.

6. It really is all Made in Italy?

Of course! The "labor" is definitely 100% Italian, as well as materials purchased, while for the materials found we can not guarantee the "Made in Italy", in fact, certainly one of the works we have some shell Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French champagne cork tile or Austrian.

7. What do you mean by "recycled materials"?

All the materials that nature or man has created. We believe that art can give a second chance, a second life to all materials that would otherwise be considered "waste". In recent years the problem of litter burst like a bomb, and we have always cared about the environment, we have created an art instinctively "eco-friendly".

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